Story of My Love for Drums by Uncle

There are some of you know this but there are many of you don’t know this. I will share one story about myself, along with some inspirations, so that should be interesting for you to read. 😛

Many years ago, I was just a kid who have many wild ideas ranging from wanting to be wrestlers to be a police officer. Every day I would visit my grandparent’s house over in Williamson, where the heart of the family was before they left this earth but nonetheless, when I visited I would often be sitting on the main couch as they had two couches and only one couch that sits in front of television. The other couch is used as a bed. Like I said, the heart of the family meaning my entire family on my mother’s side so my uncle, my grandparents, my aunt and my mother with a puppy named Midnight.


Victims of Hurricane Harvey

First of all I want to say that my thoughts are with all the victims in the cities of Texas who was affected by one of the worst hurricanes in the United States named Harvey. I would like to share a new article that I have written on my blog at for the victims of the hurricane Harvey in Texas and encouraging everyone to donate some funds or to share the article around on social media to do a part of their duty as American to help out these victims who is desperately in need for some relief.

Please visit this article:

Thank you,
Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan


The About Page is Completed

I am more than happy to announce that the about page for has been completed. I apologize for keeping a lot of you in the dark for several months since the launch of JoshuaBSullivan and reason for that was that I have been very busy lately with other projects including Nonetheless, since I realize that I had at least enough of spare in my time to do whatever it is that I need and the about page for immediately came to mind as I felt that I have allowed the about page to be under construction for to way long so with that being said it has been completed. Please feel free to head over to the about page at the top of the website here and read there. Of course, the about page doesn’t have the full depth of biography on me but I look at it as a mini-biography and that it is more than enough especially for things that I don’t mind to share with the public while keeps some of other things private as I don’t feel comfortable with going more depth than I had been with the about page. I hope that you enjoy learning about who I am from there, if you know who I am and see that I miss something there then please feel free to contact me using the contact page at the top of the website or contact me on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.


What I’d Like To Have For Christmas?

I wrote a Christmas wish list on my other blog which you can find it at or you can just click here to visit the article where I put the Christmas wish list that I would like to have for Christmas. As I said in that article on my other blog that it’s not the actual Christmas wish-list that I am expecting for my family or my friends to get anything for me because that Christmas wish list is intended for just letting some of the people to know what I would like to have for Christmas if I was a child again but I have not been a child for more than two decades which I miss these days of being a child but unfortunately the calendar never does stop. I figured that I might as well go ahead to copy and paste one section from my other blog which is my Christmas wish list so. Just to have something new for this blog as I rarely write anything over here since my main focus is always on obviously but here is the Christmas wish list that I would like to have and hope that all of you enjoy!

Feel free to share what you would like to have for Christmas by leaving the wish list in the comments section below this article and I including some of the others will read them!


Changing The Looks

I probably will try to find some time to change the entire looks of this website, because at the first I decided that I would turn this website as a weblog but I thought that may be somewhat pointless because I already have a weblog which that is and if I do find a time then I may turn this website into an actual website with some information about me. Such my biography, my profiolo and some of other things. Think of it as my information media which that was what I had in mind when buying this domain name to represent me or who I am. But that isn’t the definitive answer of yet though because I may still keep it as a weblog and only change the looks or may leave it as it is now but that is something that I have to think about for a while. So if you see this website drastically changed to something then you know what is happening, if I am to change it to a website then that would means barely any blog as the blog would possibly be thrown out and only make it a front-page thing.

Thank you for your time and if you have any idea on what I should do with JoshuaBSullivan please let me know by either leaving a comment below or contact me above or through social media!


Social Media Unlinked From Personal Facebook.

Hello gentlemen and women. I hope that all of you have a great day today, I did somewhat and the reason I said somewhat is because we are going through a heatwaves which the weather is saying that we would be getting some heatwaves for five days straight so that isn’t something that I am looking forward to because I am never a fan of heat as I am more of spring or fall seasons weather person because where it isn’t too hot but not too cold so just right temperature. Anyway I am writing this post to tell that a few days ago I have asked all of you if you would like for me to unlink my personal Facebook account from the other social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr but never received any comments from you. So few days later to today I have decided that I would ask you all the same question about if you would like for me to unlink my personal Facebook account from other social media, if the answer is yes then I would unlink all of my social media from my personal Facebook account which this would means that you will no longer be seeing me posts anything from other social media such as Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr and if the answer is no then I would continue having my personal Facebook account linked with the other social media so that when I post something on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other services like I usually have been for a few years now. But again I have received no answer from you as I asked you to comment the answer of “yes” or “no if I should keep my personal Facebook account linked with all of social media and that if I receives no comment from any one of you that the final answer would be automatically yes to unlink my personal Facebook account from the other social media.