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I am more than happy to announce that the about page for¬† has been completed. I apologize for keeping a lot of you in the dark for several months since the launch of JoshuaBSullivan and reason for that was that I have been very busy lately with other projects including Nonetheless, since I realize that I had at least enough of spare in my time to do whatever it is that I need and the about page for immediately came to mind as I felt that I have allowed the about page to be under construction for to way long so with that being said it has been completed. Please feel free to head over to the about page at the top of the website here and read there. Of course, the about page doesn’t have the full depth of biography on me but I look at it as a mini-biography and that it is more than enough especially for things that I don’t mind to share with the public while keeps some of other things private as I don’t feel comfortable with going more depth than I had been with the about page. I hope that you enjoy learning about who I am from there, if you know who I am and see that I miss something there then please feel free to contact me using the contact page at the top of the website or contact me on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a direct link to the about page on

I am aware that isn’t as active as it should be, by that I mean keeping it up updated more frequent and I have tried to do that as much as I possibly can while I have other projects that I frequently update on daily basis so it is somewhat tiresome but again it is something that I have signed up for since the year of 2004 when I started to be interested in the web. There are two different versions for my biography, one over at and one over here. At least the parts about me but ever since I have had a chance to update my favorite movies, television shows, my skills, my achievements and stuff like that I felt that I might as well to add that part for too but as for about me both of them are different. Here may have something that it didn’t say about me over at or there may be something over at that didn’t say something about me on here at so feel free to check out both. In due time I will be updating the one for too and I have meant to start building a new looks for the but a lot of things have always gets in the way of that. Hopefully in due time, not too long but in due time that I will finally find the time to start building a new looks or at least an updated looks for and that would require at least a week worth of free time in order for me to start building a look or three days if I don’t have any interruptions but I doubt that ever will happen as I always have interruptions especially with some of the research that I have done lately.

Here’s the direct link to the about page on

I hope that all of you have a great night and I bid you all a good night as I am heading out to bed in a few minutes after tying some of the things up.

Joshua Sullivan.

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