Net Neutrality Repeal Isn’t Good Thing!

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Net Neutrality Repeal Isn’t Good Thing!

I see that a lot of people doesn’t realize the importance of net neutrality, short for internet neutrality so the words should be self-explained, but it is what making internet fair and equal for consumers which enforce the internet providers such as Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and others to provide equal internet access without either blocking some certain contents that they don’t like but would unblock them for a price. Without net neutrality in place by Federal Communications Commission, we would be seeing internet providers in United States follows what internet providers in Russia do and that’s to sell a packaged internet. With net neutrality in place, it requires internet providers to provide us internet for all regardless any contents such as Facebook, Twitter, our own blogs, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and many more instead of only providing us access to a search engine but if we want internet access for our social media then we must pay for that option. Same goes for paying for the option to have access to our own blog, Netflix, Hulu and others separately. Repealing Net Neutrality would also allow internet providers to censor what we can say, what we can see and what we need. I am going to show you an example of what packages looks like if net neutrality to be repealed below and from there you should understand better why it is very important that we don’t have net neutrality repealed. So, if Federal Communications Commission repeals Net Neutrality then they controls our access on the internet is the bottom line here and the internet providers hoping that it would be repealed because so that they would have every excuses to increase prices due to more options that we would have to choose so that we could have at least half of access to the internet and tech giants (such as Google, Apple, Android, Wikipedia etc.) opposes Net Neutrality repeal because it would means that they would limits consumers freedom over internet.

If you want to get better understanding of what net neutrality is all about, I highly recommend you read Net Neutrality on Wikipedia and it has all information that you need to know about Net Neutrality. By repealing Net Neutrality means ending Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality by Wikipedia

And here’s some of useful information on Net Neutrality and as well about repealing Net Neutrality –

I’m on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality by Jessica Rosenworcel at Los Angeles Times
Americans are spending Thanksgiving fighting for net neutrality by Sean O’Kane at The Verge
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Net Neutrality on Twitter

So, we must call our senators, representatives and as well commissioners over at Federal Communications Commission to let them know that we oppose the repeal. Even one of commissioners over at Federal Communications Commission asks for our help to convince the rest of others to not vote to repeal Net Neutrality! We best do everything we can to convince everyone to not repeal Net Neutrality today, because Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai is calling Net Neutrality repeal on the day of black Friday in hope that they would sneak behind our back and pass the votes to repeal net neutrality because the chairman hopes that we focus too much on Black Friday to where we forgot or didn’t realize that they are calling for Net Neutrality Repeal vote today. Shame!

Edit (11/28/2017) – The deadline for us to call our congresses, representatives and the people over at Federal Communications Commission to tell them to not repeal Net Neutrality is December 14, 2017 so we better get the ball going by pressuring them to NOT repeal Net Neutrality otherwise the internet providers would take too much of power. By taking power would mean that they would have the ability without any law (hence Net Neutrality) to control how we use the internet which I provide a couple of pictures above so to give you an idea of what the internet providers would have the power to do to us. Here’s a link to my Facebook post so you can get more information about who to contact and whatnot – Click here.

This is serious, this isn’t about political parties and whatnot – it truly is about our freedom over the internet!

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