Near Complete

I am very excited to say that is very near completed, all I have to do is to fill in some information for the about page and to work on the contact page but everything else is completed at the moment. Of course I am sure that down the road this website will improve, anything that you have started is the beginning and down the road you improve from there by adding some more things to it or such. The difference between and is that will be my go-to blog for “just because” and is more serious. If I am to talk about something important then it’ll be on but if I am to blog about something personal or something small and sweet then it will be on here. Hope that this help you to understand what’s is going to be. is ME and is MY world; dig it? I know right!

Choo-Choo! What? I am going weird here and so random…. That’s 😉 Look forwards to deliver my random blog posts to you and of course I still will blog on When I investigate, research and tirelessly working: JoshiesWorld. When I feel the need to say something stupid, nice, mean, whatever the heck it comes to my mind: and not only that it will also share my projects with everybody else. LinkedIn? Forget you I am doing it here.


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