By donating would help me to pay for the cost of the hosting/server for several websites that I run on monthly basis along with several domains, not only that but also the funds would help me to maintain several websites technically and the future costs to ensure that all the websites including weblog to continue for many more years to come since the year 2007. Any funds that is leftover will be used for other stuff, whether it be traveling expense or products so that I can share some videos, pictures or stories about my traveling and as well to write reviews for any of products that I have purchased with the help of donation. The donation would be used for these or in general but before any amounts of funding to be spent on, it must be used for the hosting/server, maintenance and other technical related for the websites. Please note that it is completely free for you to use most of the websites I maintain, especially blogs and you are not required to donate as this is only optional. The things that I have listed above for what I need funds for, there are more of others such as, I need a new camera, an upgrade of few cameras such as new versions of GoPro products along with best memory cards for these cameras which are pricey as they are in range of a couple hundred dollars for one memory card. I also in need to upgrade to newest technology products so that I can produce the best quality as possible, this includes a newest line of MacBook Pro or a new iMac which I haven’t own one yet but in need for one of these so that I won’t have to rely on a laptop such as 2015 MacBook Pro and more other stuff/assets that I need, but these are just an example. Other than that, the donation is in general and the amounts are up to you – however or whatever you feel comfortable to donate but this is only optional.

Beside I write contents, produce videos and pictures or develops a website while not earning anything. Advertisements doesn’t really pay well, unless I brings in millions of readers or viewers monthly and I only bring in no more than two hundred thousand to five hundred thousand (200,000 – 500,000) of views a month so the revenue from advertisements doesn’t generate much. In fact, to give you an idea of how much I earn from advertisements would be half of what you normally would make from working at a supermarket store in a half year. So, in a way I have not gains anything as even with the revenue from advertisements I still have to spend a lot more out of my pocket for the hosting/server, domains and whatnot on monthly basis which is no fun at all. Of course, every dollar in donation would be very helpful and that would at least put an ease in my financial situation. I never minded paying to run websites on monthly basis because they are my passion, out of my pocket which I have ever since 2004 when I first ran a couple of websites before I decided to no longer maintain them and shut them down but then in 2007 I missed working on a content, so I get back to it by launching along with other websites after that. Ever since then, it’s been a bit hard on me to keep up with the costs as I have tried all my best to keep it up and running all these years with a few donations in the past which I am very grateful for.

There are a few ways for you to donate, as there are a few services that I have registered for such as PayPal which is my primary service and others are Cash Me by Square, Venmo and whatnot. As for PayPal, you are not required to register an account to donate as there are an option where you can donate without having to register and donate – only will take you no more than a minute at best. If you choose that method, click the PayPal donate button which will take you to a secured PayPal donate page for you to complete your donation and it accepts common methods such as credit card or debit card. As for the other services, such as Cash Me by Square, Venmo and PayPal Me I think you might be required to register an account. If you want the least hassle, I recommend the classic PayPal by pressing on the button where it says “donate” and from there it will ask you a few questions such as your name, address and your billing information. All the information that you have entered is secured and cannot be seen anyone as it is done by PayPal service directly.

I truly appreciate any amounts of dollars that you have donate, by donating you are doing more than helping me out especially with these expenses of running websites and as well to reward my labor if any. If you would like to be mentioned that you have donated, please do so by leaving a message in special instruction field on PayPal donate page and state your name that you would be added to the donors list below or you can e-mail me to let me know by using the contact page which can be found at the top of this website or you can just click this link which it will take you to the contact page! Again, thank you truly for your support.

Other Donation Services?

If there are some reason that you don’t want to use the people’s favorite fund processing service PayPal and still would like to donate using other services to donate then please let me know by sending me an email by going to the contact page which can be found under the contact tab above this website. If you don’t see a service that you prefer below then please contact and I will try to set up with that service that you prefer!

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You are more than welcome to donate some gifts to Joshie, wondering what he need? Look no further, you may take a look at his wish list at Amazon and these items are something that he truly want or need.

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Please note that you are not required to donate to use JoshiesWorld and other websites I founded as this is only optional if you wish to or not to donate, either way I still thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.