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Joshua B. Sullivan was born in the year of 1987 on the month of March and the day of 18th at about 3:30AM in a very early morning over at the old hospital on that hill in a city they call Williamson in the state of West Virginia. After he was born, he was diagnosed with several disabilities such as Hard of Hearing, Scoliosis which he had a major surgery for at the age of four or five (from neck to tailbone), Little Person (medical term is Dwarfism but consider that as offensive word) and a few more. When he was born at the hospital, the doctor has told his mother that it would be unlikely for him to live long to be seven years old and now he is twenty-nine years old. At age of four he attends an elementary school calls Turkey Creek Elementary School from first grade to fifth grade, Turkey Creek Elementary School was changed to Turkey Creek Middle School so he was left no choice but to go to another school to complete the rest of elementary education and attended Southside Elementary School. He was among the first student to attend Southside Elementary School in the first year that Southside Elementary School opened as the Board of Education built a new elementary school calls Southside Elementary School and changed Turkey Creek Elementary School to Turkey Creek Middle School so to have all of three education levels in the area (Elementary, Middle and High). After finished fifth grade, he went back to the same school building that was Turkey Creek Elementary School but changed to Turkey Creek Middle School and then from there when he graduated from Turkey Creek Middle School he attended a high school named Belfry High School. He graduated from high school in the year of 2005, same year that Board of Education built a new building at different location for Belfry High School and closed Turkey Creek Middle School as they changed the Belfry High School to Belfry Middle School so he also was one among of the students who graduated from the old Belfry High School before they moved to a new building at different location then changed that old Belfry High School building to Belfry Middle School.

Throughout his childhood as a student, he plays in sport that he had the passion in and loved; Baseball. He played baseball, football and basketball but his heart was in baseball which is the sport that he excelled in the most than these other sports. While playing in sport, in the year of 1995 at age of eight he had an unfortunate accident that had changed his life where he broke a femur in half in his right leg when he slipped from wet stairs over at the old house that he used to live in and when he climbed to the very last step of the stairs on a porch which was a several feet high he slipped over the side of the stairs. When he fell from climbing that stairs, he tried to get a grip by trying to reach the house wall that was in between the stairs and he was not able to reach in time so he fell in between and his right knee landed in a small mud hole which immediately broke his femur in half on his right leg so that ended his dream of playing baseball at high school.

Since that incident, he was rushed to the local hospital then the local hospital had no equipment that would do a such bad injury especially femur that is broke in half and they had no choice but to send him over to Cabell Huntington Hospital over in Huntington, Wv about two hours’ drive for the ambulance. He underwent the surgery as soon as he arrived there, the surgeon ordered him to stay in the hospital for almost a month. Said to be recovered but in the end, he was unable to fully recovers and that puts him in wheelchair for the rest of his life so he is now wheelchair bound so that is another disability to his list.

So, from there, with these disabilities that he has so of course that prevents him from being able to have a career. When he became an adult, he tried to applied for jobs everywhere he could think of from fast food restaurants to superstores but no one could hire him. This was when he graduated from high school, at prime age of eighteen and he realized that it would almost be impossible to get a job that would require any kinds of form. Three years later, he decided to give to give college a try so he applied at Westwood College in Denver, Colorado for online college and he was accepted considering that his GPA is 3.6. He attended Westwood College for bachelor degree in Web Design and Multimedia because he had found doing something that he had a passion in which is web development. He is a self-taught web developer since the year of 2004 when he started building several custom layouts for a social networking website at that time calls ShowMyPro until the owner of that web decided to sell and sold to someone who had no or little experience in web development so the new owner closed it down. I then decided to start building several layouts for MySpace, had a website of my own at that time where anyone who is in search for a cool layout then they go to my website and copy the codes that I have built to paste to their MySpace layout using HTML/CSS coding languages. Not only that, he also had a website in the year of 2004 that provided a file sharing host where anyone who is in need for a place to upload their images or videos and get few different methods to share on some forums or on customizable profiles such as MySpace or ShowMyPro. By different methods I mean HTML, BBCode and direct link before he started building several layouts for ShowMyPro and MySpace users which he enjoyed doing so.

Then in that year when MySpace owner Tom Anderson decided to sell MySpace to somebody else and that was when my growing reputation as a layout builder shattered because there are no other social networking websites that offer customizable profiles. So, he decided that he would step up a bit higher so he became a freelance web developer, building a few of websites for some of the clients that looks for to own a website of their own or a business who needed a website then I would be the one that they come to. From that point, he started building his reputation as a web developer for a few years until he decided to buy a domain calls and wanted to make a blog out of it so he started writing a few articles about different things that was going on his daily lives. In the year of 2007, that is when he bought the domain for and built a brand name as an identity from there with JoshiesWorld. He found his calling, it is journalism and since then he started writing several articles about different things whether it be his opinions or contributing some articles to some news outlet in hope that they would be approved by the editors. So, he eased up on web development, started focus on blogging more and would write articles as many as he can since the year of 2007 to now 2017. He launched JoshiesWorld in the year of 2007, then he was under stress with the spam and the DDoS attacks so he decided to shut down JoshiesWorld in the year of 2010-2011 then he felt he missed writing some articles so in matter of one year after not running JoshiesWorld he decided to bring it back up in 2011-2012. Since then he has kept JoshiesWorld up and running with several articles that he has written. At the first he thought that web development was his calling but ended up it wasn’t as journalism were his calling and he kept with that for almost a decade now. Even though he may have eased up on web development, he still does build websites only in his spare time and when he came up with some new ideas for new projects that he’d like to run. He recently has launched another new website of his own calls for ATV, Side by Side and Dirt Bike riders club who loves trail-riding in the Appalachia Mountain such as east part of Kentucky and south-west of West Virginia.

Skills, Projects, Achievements and Activisms


  • Web Development
    • HTML/CSS
      • JavaScript/IFrame
    • PHP
    • MYSQL/SQL or SQL Injection
  • Journalism
    • Blogger
    • Writer
    • Editor
    • Columnist
    • Contributor
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
    • Backlinking
    • Keywords
    • Ranking
    • Others
  • Internet Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Photographer
    • Boudoir
    • Landscape
    • Single or Family Portraits
    • Sports
    • Wedding
    • Group Portraits
    • Family and or Friends
    • Pregnancy, Newborn And Baby Pictures
    • Business
    • Photo Editing
  • Videography
    • Directing
    • Video Editing
    • Sports
    • Wedding
    • Family and Friends Memories
    • Business
    • Vacation/Trips
  • Computers
    • Builder
    • Repair



  • 1st Place Trophy in Computer Science by Turkey Creek Elementary/Grade School
  • 3 Trophies in Baseball
  • 2 Trophies in Football
  • 1 Trophy in Basketball
  • Awarded for The First Demonstration of Compact Disc Computer for Pike County’s Schools


Joshua Sullivan is a huge activist in Civil rights and human rights for the Deaf community. He strongly believe that there is at least a hope for the Deaf community to have a better life, equally with others and be respected in the same manners as others too one day.

  • Deaf Grassroots Movement of Ky – He was temporary representative for Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky that prepared the state of Kentucky to rally at the capital in May 3rd, 2016 for the National Deaf Grassroots Movement Rally where every states of the United States rallied at every state’s capital on the same day and before the rally he was replaced by someone else to become permanent representative although he was offered assistant representative. He accepted but only for about a month and he felt that the new representative of Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky were dysfunctional with the team so he resigned. He is very proud of his team who ran the Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky smoothly until a replacement for representative came in and took all of credits to herself so he decided that he did not want to take a part of something that would exploit people’s hard work by not giving them any credits they deserved.
  • White House Closed Captions #WWnowCC – He was one of among others including Braam Jordaan who worked hard to make sure that the public relations and its media team at white house to offer equal access for the Deaf community by providing closed captions for all the videos that they produced on their website and their social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or others. Obama Administration’s team agreed that they would provide closed captions for the Deaf community in the year of 2016 through their social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. Braam Jordaan was the leader of this campaign for the white house closed captions now and succeed. (note: unfortunately now with Trump Administration, we are going backward as they no longer provide closed captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people so this means round 2!)



Riding ATV (four-wheeler) on the trails, watching television shows, watching some movies, read and collects several comic books including the comic novels. Hanging out with some of the family and friends. Record some videos with action cameras like GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition, GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition and GoPro Hero Session 4.

Television Shows

The Walking Dead, Smallville; The Flash; Gotham; Legends of Tomorrow; Supergirl; The Arrow; Daredevil; Supernatural; Game of Thrones; Fear The Walking Dead; The Z Nation; The Falling Skies; Under The Dome; The Jericho; Revolution; Lost; 12 Monkeys; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D; Beauty and The Beast; Vikings; Chuck; Continuum; Nikita; Torchwood; Fringe; The Leverage; Air Wolf; Star wars; The Hulk; Breaking Bad; Sons of Anarchy; The Grey Anatomy; Crossing Lines; How I Met Your Mother; The Bang Theory; Knight Rider; Magnum P.I.; The 4400; The Warehouse; The Magicians; The Crown and Lethal Weapons.


Star Trek (all franchise); Captain America (all franchise); Ironman (all franchise); Transformers (all franchise); Guardians of the Galaxy; X-Men (all franchise); James Bond (all franchise); Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-man (all franchises); Avatar; The Hobbit (all franchise); The Harry Potter (all franchise); Good Morning, Vietnam; Rocky (all franchise); Catch Me If You Can; American Graffiti; Armageddon; Pearl Harbor; The Aviator; The Bourne (all franchise); Defiance; Escape From Alcatraz; Gallipoli; The Hunger Games (all franchise); Hook; The Hunt for Red October; Indian Jones (all franchise); The Pianist; Rudy; Snowpiercer; Thor (all franchise); The Wolverine (all franchise); Gia; Tomb Raiders (all franchise); Hackers; Wanted; Girl, Interrupted; Saving Private Ryan; Platoon; We Are Soldiers; Apocalypse Now; Schindler’s List; The Deer Hunter; The Thin Red Line, The Hurt Locker; The Longest Day; Valkyrie; Flyboys; Jumanji; Black Hawk Down; Jack Reacher (all franchise); Free State of Jones; The Huntsman (all franchise); Batman V Superman; The Finest Hours; The Perfect Storm; Deadpool; Ip Man (all franchise); Star Wars (all franchise); The Revenant; The English Patient; The Martian; Ted (all franchise); Ant-Man; Mission Impossible (all franchise); Heartbreak Ridge; Seven Years in Tibet; Mr. Holmes; Kelly’s Heroes; Jurassic (all franchise); Awakening; Avengers (all franchise); The Rainmaker; Hanover Street; Witness; Six Days, Seven Nights; The Road; Kingsman: The Secret Service; American Sniper; Selma; Help; Unbroken; Exodus: Gods and Kings; The Lord of the Rings (all franchise); John Wick (all franchise); Fury; Maze Runner (all franchise); Medea (all franchise); Planet of the Apes (all franchise); Risky Business; Bullitt; Dead Poets Society; Popeye; Hook; Patch Adams; Heaven Is for Real; Noah; Chaplin; Gangs of New York; Leatherheads; The Monuments Men; Stalingrad; The Wolf of Wall Street; Thelma & Louise; 12 Years A Slave; Glory; The Butler; Elysium; Man of Steel; Charlotte Gray; The Great Gatsby; Master and Commander; The Patriot and Gladiator.


Pizza; Deer Tenderloin (back strip); Deer Jerky; Bear Steak; Sweet Corn; Gravy and Biscuits; Corndogs; Hotdogs; Corn Bites; Cheese Sticks; Pizza Rolls (not mini ones); Peanut Butter Crackers Sandwiches; Reese’s Cup; Chili Beans; Homemade Brown Beans; Cheddar Cheese or Wisconsin Cheese (premium brands) and Mozzarella Sticks.


The Flash, Green Arrow; Green Lantern; Superman; Batman, Amazing Spider-Man; Spider-man; Deadpool; Old Logan/Wolverine; Supergirl; Captain America; Hulk and Aquaman.


Foxhead/Fox Racing; HP; Apple; Samsung (TVs/DVD/Blu-ray only); NVIDIA; Sennheiser and Logitech.

Note to Readers, Family and Friends

I would like to personally thank every one of you for helping me with the growth of my success in blogging and journalism. Reading every article, I have written, shared every article I have published and submitted every topic suggestions for me to write my opinions or thoughts for Also, a very special thank you to the crush-fans who decided to made some signs for me which you can find them here and anyone is free to make sign pictures then submit them through here. Without all of you, I wouldn’t grow from there so all of you are huge reason of my success and the growth of my brand identity. My reputation has built and grown is because of you all so I am very grateful for that truly.

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Thank you,
Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.